Online-competition «Абай әндері» ("Songs of Abay ") among non-professional performers

Online-competition «Абай әндері» ("Songs of Abay ") among non-professional performers



Abay Kunanbayev is a famous composer, poet and philosopher. His name is known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in many parts of the world.

His songs scatter around the world, and acquire many shades and echoes.


In the year of the 175th anniversary of the great poet, Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater initiates the online competition  «Абай әндері» ( «Songs of Abay» ) for non-professional performers.


 Competition Rules 


The subject of the competition

is the performance of a song by Abay Kunanbaev with or without musical accompaniment, performed solo or as an ensemble, and presented to the Competition in the form of an audio-visual recording (video file).


The rules of the Competition are available on the official website of the organizer and official accounts of social networks:









1. Participants in the Competition may be persons over the age of 4 who submit to the Competition an audio-visual recording of a song by Abay Kunanbaev (hereinafter referred to as Participants) in their own performance.


2. In the Competition, on behalf of participants under the age of 18, and in their interests are the legal representatives (parents, guardians, guardians) of minor participants (hereinafter legal representatives).


3. Participation in the Competition may be individual (solo) or collective (ensemble) performance. In the case of collective participation, that is, the performance of a work by several performers, an application for participation can be submitted by one of the performers.


4. The participant, submitting an application from the team of performers, guarantees and confirms that he has received consent from other participants to participate in the competition on the conditions specified by these rules.


Stage І

Acceptance of applications for participation in the Competition from 00:00 on July 13, 2020 to 23:59 on July 26, 2020

Stage II

Consideration of the submitted applications by the Organizing Committee of the Competition from 00:00 on July 27, 2020 to 23:59 on July 29, 2020

Stage III

The publication of audio-visual recordings of the Contestants on the official YouTube channel Abay - Abay Theatre from 00:00 on July 30, 2020

Stage IV

An open vote from 00:00 on July 30, 2020 to 23:59 on August 09, 2020 to determine the winners of the Competition with the most votes

Stage V

Summarizing and announcing the winners.


The names of the Winners of Competition will be announced on the Organizer’s official website and the Organizer’s official social media accounts:


YouTube channel of Abay KSATOB -

Abay Theatre,






until 23:59 August 10, 2020.

Application requirements.


1. To participate in the Competition, the Participant or his legal representative (for a minor participant) must fill out an application for participation in the competition.



 Application form in the nomination “Solo performance” 


Application form in the nomination “Solo performance” - download version


 Application form in the nomination “Ensemble performance” 


Application form in the nomination “Ensemble performance” - download version


2. Send to the Organizer’s email an audio-visual recording of the performance of the song by Abay Kunanbaev in his own performance as an active link to the downloadable version of the audio-visual record or the attached file of the audio-visual record:

- as a file or an active link,

- file size no more than 1 GB;

- the image size in pixels is not less than 1280 × 720;

- the image is oriented horizontally;

- the song should be performed no more than 4 (four) minutes, video in MP4 format;

- each video presentation should contain a greeting from the participant indicating the Surname, Name of the Patronymic (if any), age, name of the settlement and the name of the work.

Videos sent in any other way, including postal and courier services, are not accepted for participation in the competition.


3. The following are not allowed to participate in the Competition:

- audio-visual recordings that do not meet the technical requirements specified in clause 6.2 of the Competition Rules,

- audiovisual recording made under the plus soundtrack,

- violating the rights of third parties;

- violating Art. 11 of Chapter 3 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Culture”, including one that is pornographic / erotic in nature, propagates violence or contains violent scenes, offends religious feelings, demonstrates or calls for violation of generally accepted moral standards, or violates personal dignity, honor of a person (s), or affecting religious or national cultural values, expressing aggression, propagating extremism, violence, use of drugs, alcoholic drinks and / or otherwise violating the requirements of the Competition Rules and / or the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


4. Video appearances containing fragments of films, clips, advertisements, logos of other festivals-contests, other works and results of intellectual activity without the consent of the author and / or other copyright holder are not allowed to participate in the Competition.


5. Taking part in the Competition, each Participant (Legal Representative):

- confirms the accuracy of all data in the application for participation, familiarization and acceptance of these Rules;

- agrees with the processing of personal data contained in the provided audiovisual record, as well as when sending an application for participation on the official channel of the Organizer Abay Theater of the Competition in order to conduct the Competition;

- grants consent to the publication (publication) of his audiovisual recording, as well as its use in the framework of this Competition free of charge;

- confirms the receipt of all necessary exclusive and non-exclusive copyrights for the creation of its audiovisual recording, including the receipt of the consent of the authors and other copyright holders, and the provision of the song for the Contest (if there are copyrights), is personally responsible for all negative consequences from the revealed violations.


6. Filing an application for participation in the Competition indicates the expression by the Participant of the Competition (his Legal Representative) of consent to the further use of this audiovisual recording by the Organizer of the Competition on the terms and methods specified by these Rules without restricting the territory (in the territory of all countries of the world) and for 1 (one) years from the date of completion of the Competition.


7. Submission of an application for the Competition by the Participant in the manner prescribed by these Rules means its unconditional consent to all the conditions of the Competition and these Rules.


The competition will pass in 2 following nominations:

- individual (solo) performance

- collective (ensemble) performance




In the nomination "Individual (solo) performance" Competition held in four age categories:

- participants aged 4 to 14 years;

- participants aged 15 to 25 years;

- participants aged 26 to 44 years;

- participants aged 45 years and older.


The nomination “Collective (ensemble) performance” has no age restrictions