A. Meirbekov ALDAR KOSE

24/03 - 18:00

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Almabek Meirbekov


Ballet a fantasy in 2 acts

Libretto and choreography by Mailen Tleubaev


I Act

First scene


Early morning in a village. An old woman, who has an only daughter, the beautiful Aisulu, is busy with housework. Aisulu is a good helper and needlewoman. She perfectly embroiders beautiful scarves and makes amulets for good luck. Aisulu has her beloved fiancé Ilentai. He is a shepherd and plays the flute beautifully. When Ilentai plays his flute, all good people rejoice, but evil cannot bear these wonderful sounds. Everyone respects him for his kindness and honesty. Ilentai has his faithful friend, hunter Alti. They often help the old lady and Aisulu with the housework. Suddenly loud laughter is heard, it’s the people’s favorite Aldar Kose. Aldar plays his dombyra, sings cheerful songs and tells funny stories to the people. Stopping at the old woman’s yurt, Aldar asks for a drink. The old woman and Aisulu invite Aldar to rest a little with them, bring him water and flatbread, all the food they have in the house. Aldar accepts the treat with gratitude. After resting a little, at the request of Aisulu and Ilentai, he again begins to sing funny songs and dance. Aldar Kose is such a cheerful and kind person who can’t sit idle! In gratitude to Aldar for his songs and stories, Aisulu and Ilentai dance for him. They love each other very much and look like two wonderful birds!

Children run out, they frolic, play pranks and beg and cadge gifts. A fat, greedy rich man passes by with his six wives. The kids ask him for a coin. Bai chases them away. Aldar took pity on the poor children. Aldar has no money, but he takes a kurt out of his pocket and gives it to the kids. The children are very happy and thank Aldar for tasty snack.

The Judge appears accompanied by his servants. Immediately, the cunning rich man comes running back to greet the respected judge and gives him a wallet with money as a sign of respect. The judge condescendingly accepts the money from Bai and puts it in his pocket. But the children are right there! One little boy snatches the Judge's wallet and all the kids run away with rich loot! The Judge is furious! He orders his servants to catch up with the little thieves and follows them himself. Rich man is also outraged by such impudence of the boys, but then he notices the beautiful Aisulu and immediately forgets about everything in the world, blinded by her beauty. Bai loves to sing and decided to conquer Aisulu with his voice. But he, in fact, cannot sing and everyone covers their ears from his terrible singing. Aldar decides to play a joke on the rich and save Aisulu from these ridiculous attentions. He advises the rich man to wear a blindfold and sing with his eyes closed, as he assured him that Aisulu will admire his skill and allow him a kiss. Silly Bai agrees and puts on the blindfold. Aldar takes advantage of the fact that the wealthy cannot see anything, throws a shawl over himself and dances to the rich man’s singing. By the end of the song, rich man kisses Aldar Kose instead of the beautiful Aisulu! Everyone laughs at him. Aldar runs away happy with the successful joke, Bai runs after Aldar in a rage, and his wives follow in a hurry.

Aisulu, Ilentai and their friends are dancing, everyone is having a lot of fun. Then the dissatisfied Bai returns, he could not catch up with Aldar. He decides to take revenge. He gives money to the Judge again and asks the judge’s servants to detain Ilentai. He himself takes Aisulu away by force. The judge's servants beat up Ilentai and he loses consciousness. Everyone is confused. Aisulu's poor old mother is grieving. Her only beloved daughter was taken away, and Ilentai was brutally beaten. There is no way to wait for help!

Suddenly, the witch Jeztyrnak appears. She is looking for herbs for her magical potions. Jeztyrnak notices Ilentai. She fancies him. Witch brings him to his senses with her magic spells. Ilentai, waking up, looks for Aisulu and finds out that she has been kidnapped. He rushes to chase of Bai, rejecting Jeztyrnak’s caresses. Aisulu's mother is in great distress. There is no one to help, and now Ilentai has escaped. Suddenly Aldar Kose appears. Having learned what happened, he calms the old woman down. Aldar and hunter Alti decide to help lovers Aisulu and Ilentai.


II Act

Second scene


Aldar Kose and hunter Alti rush to help their friends. They are trying to find Ilentai, who has run away. Aldar is cheerful and encourages Alti, who is worried about the fate of the lovers. They continue their search.


Third scene


At this time, the beautiful Aisulu is languishing in captivity of the evil Bai, who is maddened by girl’s beauty. His six wives are preparing Aisulu for a wedding. Trying to please Aisulu, he gives her expensive gifts. Aisulu rejects his courtship and attentions. Then rich man tries to take her by force, but Aisulu bites his hand. Enraged Bai leaves with his six wives, leaving Aisulu locked up alone. Young girl tries to escape from captivity but falls asleep exhausted. In a dream she sees her beloved Ilentai, they're back together! But soon Aisulu wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream! In despair, she cries bitterly.


Fourth scene


At the foot of the high mountain Khan Tengri there is a cave of the insidious witch Jeztyrnak. Jeztyrnak pursues Ilentai and lures him into her domain with her witchcraft. She wants Ilentai to herself and tries to charm him with witchcraft. Young shepherd resists as best he can, but the evil sorceress Jeztyrnak deceives Ilentai and bewitches him. At this moment Aldar and Alti appear. They see that their friend is in trouble and rush to help him. In a fierce battle, they defeat the treacherous Jeztyrnak and drive her out. Ilentai has been saved and friends get back together! But it’s too early to rejoice. Aisulu is still in the hands of Bai. Ilentai is in despair, his friend Alti calms him down. Resourceful Aldar comes up with a tricky plan to save Aisulu! They rush to the rescue!


Fifth scene


In the rich man’s house everything is ready for the wedding. Stubborn Bai did not give up and wants to force Aisulu to be his seventh wife. The judge is his honored guest. Aisulu is in deep sadness hopes that her beloved Ilentai will save her soon.

All of a sudden two shamans appear, those are Ilentai and Alti! They dressed up so that no one could recognize them. Two friends disguised as shamans, offer to perform magical ritual so that the marriage of Bai and Aisulu is long and happy. When shamans start their ritual, scary and evil Shaitan appears! He has a huge magical spear that shoots lightning! He curses the wedding and wants to capture Bai! Everyone is terrified! The very frightened rich man, the judge and everyone else run away leaving all their goods, just so that Shaitan does not take them away! Once they escape, Shaitan transforms into Aldar Kose! He came up with this funny, tricky plan to help Aisulu and Ilentai, and at the same time teach Bai a lesson.


Sixth scene


Young lovers are back together! Aisulu, Ilentai and Alti thank Aldar for his quick wit. All friends return home and make Aisulu’s mother happy! Having returned, Ilentai and Aisulu ask the old woman for her blessing. The mother happily agrees.

Aldar congratulates young lovers, he is very glad that he once again helped kind and honest people!

Aldar Kose headed to another journey! He has more fun and interesting adventures ahead of him! Everyone thanks him and bid him farewell.




Stage conductor – NURZHAN BAIBUSINOV, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chief conductor of KazNTOB

Choreographer – director – MAILEN TLEUBAYEV (Japan)

Production designer – INNA SUGI (Japan)

Videographic artist – ERBOL BISENOV

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Characters and Actors:


Aldar Kose .....................................…...….. AKYL ZHUAS

Аisulu- girl……………………………....…….AIMAN YEGISBAYEVA

Ilentai- the shepherd (жених Айсулу)….…..BOGDAN VERBOVOY

The old lady is Aisulu's mother …………..…GULIM TURSYNGALIYEVA

Zheztyrnak is an insidious sorceress ………..ARUZHAN BARATOV (first performance)

Hunter Alti- Ilentai's friend …………….....….. SYRYM AYUPOV

Бай………………………………………...…... DAUREN NURZHANOV

Judge ………………………………………...... AMIR ZHEKSENBEK

Aksakal-fruit seller ………………………….....YERLIK SAGYNDYKOV


Wives of the bai, servants of the judge, servants of Zhestyrnak, people, ghosts, spiders 


Symphony orchestra, chorus and ballet of the Abay Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater


* The theatre reserves the right to make changes to the cast of performers