To the beginning of 88 season


Dear friends!

We are incredibly pleased to announce that the 88th theater season will begin soon. And before telling you about what events will begin, we want to share information that has already helped many of our viewers not to miss evenys from the theater's life, allowed them (and maybe in the future toyou) to always be aware of the current productions, have time to buy tickets and ask important questions, quickly getting detailed answers to them.


So, our poster is released simultaneously on several platforms at once.


- The first and the most official one is our website - Immediately, on the main page, you can get acquainted with the upcoming events. Or go to the section Repertoire → Afisha.


- Next, social networks. Without their presence, our life is now almost impossible.


Facebook -

Here our poster is available both in the fixed publication at the top of the page, and in active events, where all the necessary information for the audience is indicated.


Instagram - @ kaz.natob.abay

in addition to the release of the full monthly poster, as well as individual publications in the feed, the poster of the month is fixed in the Topical publications.


VKontakte -

Another social platform where you can subscribe to the theater page and keep abreast of the latest events.


Twitter - AKsatob

Information on this platform is published in English for the convenience of the foreign public.


- And now a separate piece of information on how to receive newsletters from us and keep abreast of theatrical events.

For the second year now, we have successfully operated viewer mailing lists, some of which can be anyone who wants to

Newsletter in WhatsApp

in order to receive this mailing option, just write to us on WhatsApp - +7 776 830 7808, and we will be happy to add you to the mailing list.


Newsletter by e-mail

To receive the newsletter by e-mail, you can also write to us on the  official e-mail box and we will include you in the newsletter.


Dear friends! See you soon in the new season!